VIP Arcadia

70% VG | 10ml Bottles | £4 Each | 3 for £10


Aphrodite combines the flavours of deep brown sugar, with the citrusy sharp sweetness of strawberry and a large dollop of vanilla custard.

Black Gold

Black Gold is a unique e-liquid, that brings together the deep, dark flavours of a double decaf espresso with black truffle and cream.

The Heretic

The Heretic features the mouth watering combination of cinnamon cookies fresh from the oven which are blended with the creamy taste of miniature bananas.

Masters Choice

Masters choice is an exotic e-liquid with an intoxicating blend of Kentucky bourbon, roasted almonds, brown sugar and a hint of shredded coconut.


Ecstasy blends the fantastic flavour of hot-baked Crème Brûlée with raspberries and a light as a feather cheesecake.