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A distinct salted caramel flavour is combined with a sweet ice cream

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MS Meringue

Succulent Strawberries smothered by sweet and buttery Meringue.

Charlies Mustache Milk.webp

Moustache Milk

A sweet cereal is complemented by a rich

creamy milk on the exhale

Charlies Wonder Worm.webp

Wonder Worm

Sweet gummy worms followed by a sharp tangy sherbet on the exhale

Charlies Aunt Meringue.webp

Aunt Meringue

Meringue topped with cooked apple followed by layers of pastry

Charlies Slam Berry.webp

Slam Berry

Fresh strawberries mixed with a rich creamy vanilla ice cream

Charlies Dream Cream.webp

Dream Cream

Rich cream followed by delicious fudge with a twist of cinnamon