Blue Smint Sabotage

A combination of blueberry and spearmint. This flavour will sabotage your taste buds with its fresh, fruity mix.

Frozen Citrus Fracas

A combination of zesty grapefruit and tangy lemon with a fresh twist of menthol comes together to make a fantastic fresh vape!

Exotic Turmoil

An exotic fruity flavour finished off with a twist of ice cream. A true classic for those with a sweet tooth!

Lemon Pirate

A lemon pie bursting with lemon curd encrusted with delicious pastry throughout. A true take on a classic!

Pear Provocation

A rebellious take on the classic - pear drops. A sweet and smooth pear flavour.

Mutinous Mango

A rich mango flavour with an added twist of cool refreshing menthol.

Revolution Berry

A wild mix of flavours with a bold note blue raspberry and tangy white grape.

Strawtermelon Mayhem

A rich juicy melon with a fresh twist of strawberry. A brilliant all day vape!

Twisted Riot

A delicious and refreshing ice lolly flavour combining strawberry, lime and cream.

Strawbarb Insurgency

A contrast of sweet strawberry rebelling against sharp rhubarb for a refreshing vape.

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