Slushie Shortfills

Pineapple Slush

A true tropical taste of a tangy iced pineapple kissed with a rich, succulent mango.

Slushie Pineapple.png
Slushie Watermelon Fruit.png

Watermelon Slush

An incredible watermelon outburst laced with an iced slush.

Slushie Grapes Fruit.png

Grape Slush

A classic  grape soda blended into a cool and refreshing slushie finish.

Slushie Blueberries Fruit.png

Blueberry Slush

Blueberry and a slush effect, blended together for the ultimate summer vape.

Slushie Cherries Fruit.png

Cherry Slush

Exploding intense cherry notes blended with an ice slush.

Slushie Honeydew Melon Fruit.png

Tropical Slush

A tropical explosion of fruits laced with prominent notes of honeydew melon.

Slushie Apple Blackberry Fruit 2.png
Slushie Apple Blackberry Fruit 1.png

Apple & Blackberry Slush

Mouth watering blackberries fused with luscious red apple.

Slushie Blackcurrant Lemonade fruit
Slushie Blackcurrant Lemonade fruit

Blackcurrant Lemonade Slush

Bold blackcurrants with a refreshing lemonade twist, a true summer classic!

Slushie Dragonfruit Fruit.png

Dragon Fruit Slush

A unique flavour fused with a cool chill for a great all day vape.

Slushie Lime fruit.png

Lime Slush

Sweetened to perfection, Lime slush is a powerful citrus blended with intense lime.

Slushie Orange Fruit.png

Orange Slush

Sweet orange with an iced slush twist that truly delivers an excellent vape.

Slushie Bubblegum fruit.png

Bubblegum Slush

A true classic! Bubblegum slush truly brings back childhood memories.

Slushie Passion Fruit 1.png
Slushie Orange Fruit.png

Orange & Passion Fruit Slush

Juicy oranges with a fresh twist of passion fruit.